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School of English Philology:

The School of English Philology is headed up by Anvar Ismailov. School of english filology is the largest faculty of the institute. There are 1450 students and 87 teachers. There are 4 chairs at the faculty, They are: chair of the first courses; chair of the second courses; chair of practical distiplines; chair of theoretical distiplines. 42 subjects are taught in these departments including: English literature, geography, sociology, typology, lexicology, style, and Germanic roots of the English languages. There is american center supported by american embassy and computer center from CAFE. We colloborate with British Counsil, professors from American and British universities come and teach at the faculty.

English Dept.
School of Early Childhood Education:

This school is headed up by Hamroqul Buriev. Our faculty was established in 1997. 161 students and 22 teachers are in this school. There are two chairs: Preschool Pedagogy - Psychology and Methodology, English. Subjects taught include: General Pedagology, Psychology in Pre-schools, Speech Therapy, Children's Anatomy and Physical Make-up, Pediatrics, Hygiene, and Music for Children, Conversation, Grammar, Analitical reading, Home reading, The methodics of teaching English. A great attention is given to teh Pedagogy Practice of our students. There are several specialized kindergartens and creches in Samarkand. Students have their practice there. Our faculty cooperate with the higher educational establishments as nortern London University and Oulu University.

Distance Learning Center
German Dept.

School of German and French Philology:

The head of the School of German Philology is Bohodir Primov. The faculty has been functioning since 1994, when the Samarkand State Institute of Foreign Languages was founded. Due to its scientific potential the faculty takes one of the leading positions in the Institute. At 4 chairs of the faculty 49 teachers are employed. Between them 5 are professors, 10 are associated professor and 9 are senior teachers. From overall 510 students of the faculty 20 are studying for Master's Degree. Besides the experienced teachers there are several young teachers employed at the faculty as well. Furthermore, we have invited from Germany a PhD on philology, a unique specialist of German studies Heiner Dintera who is working the special group pf talented students and the graduate students. There are also a German language center and French language and culture center at the school.

Korean Dept.

School of Korean Filology:

The school of Korean philology was founded with the support of Korean Embassy in 2001 year. The school is headed up by Kim In Te and his assistant Pak San HO from South Korea and by Akmal Mamaragimov who is from Uzbek side. There are 216 students. There is one chairs at the faculty and it is the chair of Korean and English languages. 8 teachers from south Korea and 13 teachers from the institute of foreign languages work there. The faculty is supported by Korean Embassy and there are three computer centers with internet, one medai center and the center of cullture and languages - "KOICA". Nowadays the school of Korean filology has contracts for exchanging students with the Universities Chonam, Chondju, Ulsan.

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